Black Raven 5



“Before Luna, I’m her best friend I can’t betray her like that. When she comes I’ll talk to her first okay?”

“Yeah, it is okay if that way she talks then” I sighed, but Jack was happy that we found our mate.

Third Person POV.

“How is she doing? How Strong is she? a man in his thirties was sitting behind the table, facing towards the window of his office asked his subordinate.

“She is doing fine master, she is strong for 1 vs 10 of gray/ black wolves fighting against her.” the subordinate told his master.

“Did you find about The Moonstone?!! its location? any clues?”

“not yet my search is going on, I’ll soon get reports from my spies.”

“Soon She has to accept the reality & merge with it. That stone must not go in the wrong hands find it ASAP!!!!. I want to see her!”

“Soon master, I’ll make the arrangements.”

“Its time for her to know the truth, you May leave Eric!”

“Yes, Master.” he bowed his head and left the office.

Alex’s POV.

There was a lot of confusion going in my mind right now. How would Toni be? Did they give her something to eat?

Damn, they didn’t torture her for information right? I have only 3hrs to come up with the lie & feed those to them.

Aayan Maxwell pain in the neck! I can’t let him know I killed his brother, I have enough problems right now I don’t need a plus one.

What lie should I tell him?! He must have known I lied about everything in the past. Ugh, I was frustrated.

Asher didn’t leave, we are both thinking of solution & he won’t let me go alone. Ugh, boys!!

I went to the pack house, told him to stay outside and scan their security if things go south he can back me up.

I entered the hall, Toni was sitting on the sofa I hugged her she was alright. Before we could talk Toni told me “ um before you go on killing someone Aayan is my mate!!!” I was flabbergasted.

“WTF now I can’t even kill that pain in neck!!!” I sighed.

“Listen he just wants to know about Black Raven! You must have thought of some lie right?!! Tell him, then we can leave!” she complained.

I nod at her.

She led me to Aayan, He was sitting on his chair, waiting for me to talk. He had hope in his eyes, but he can’t know the things.

“Alpha Aayan!! Black Raven freed me from my pack not kidnapped me! It saved my life”!

“Did it take you to its hideout? Or someplace, any clues”?

“Nope we took shelter at some abandoned house towards the northwest side, and in the morning we parted ways”

“Do you remember its face”? He looked curious as to he would pounce on me if I didn’t say anything.

“Nope, it wore mask & cape So, I couldn’t see”

“Okay you may leave” he was frustrated.

Toni & I left his mansion. Damn, Toni is sad as well. He didn’t say anything to her and it was like silent treatment. I texted Asher to meet me at the safe house.

I told Toni about Asher. She is happy, but it is weird that Asher found my identity.

Also, I need to talk with Eric that bastard has to answer a lot of questions.

I called Eric Holt and asked him to meet me at the harbor after Three days at night around 11 pm. also, I started scanning background check for Asher.

If he knows my identity I should get some information on him if needed in the future.


Alex’s POV

Eric is taking too long. Where is he? I was standing near the port area.

“Sorry to make you wait, Black Raven, What is that you wanted to talk about? He had this sly smirk on his face, is he up to something?

“Why did you assign another assassin on my target? You know I don’t like add-ons!” I said monotone.

“Oh, my did I? Well, I had no doubts about your ability! But you see I wanted to see your reaction when you see your competition!” He was speaking near my neck & laughing.

“You know I don’t allow mishaps! You ruined my plan, I told you no interference!”

“But you see it was so fun don’t be such a buzzkill, you need to enjoy some moments in life” he was dancing in front of me. he is up to something.

I just rushed over him & held him by his neck, he was choking.

“Perhaps you shouldn’t have ruined my plan, now let’s have fun killing you, shall we?” I had this evil smirk on my face.

He has to pay for his mishaps, but he is also hiding something which I want to know.

“I don’t think that is going to happen Raven” he smiled, and the moment I turned around tranquilizer shot me and all I could see was darkness and I blacked out.

10 hrs later.

Third Person’s POV.

“When will she get up? Isn’t it too late?”

“The boss told us to keep a watch on her, till he comes. She was given a heavy dose let her take time!”

“Don’t touch her you moron, stay away she is dangerous” why do I have to keep up with this idiot.

“Bro I think she is still sleeping, and she is harmless, should I poke her? To check she is not dead?”

Alex’s POV.

I could hear two guys talking to each other, they are guards I think. That tranquilizer was heavy I still feel dizzy and hungry and these idiots won’t shut up.

“Bro she is moving, I think she is awake call boss!!” one of them went outside.

The room is so dark, cold floors giving a shiver and only a bulb in the center of the ceiling this must be either lock up room or torture room.

I have to get out of here. Eric Holt is going to pay if he is behind this mess.

I could hear 4-5 guys approaching us. The door opened and all of them came inside. I could identify Eric and also there was one familiar scent. Oh! shit, not this scent!!!!

Aayan’s POV.

I entered the room and saw a person in black cape around its body.

A week ago Eric Holt called me saying he had confirmed whereabouts of Black Raven’s location, and he can hand it to us with a catch of $50millon bounty.

We agreed and hired him.

He had a record of tracer, but there was more towards his past and bio which is hidden to us. I need to keep tabs on him but how do we trust him for capturing Black Raven.

We could kill him at that instant if it is the fake one. He bet his life on this gamble and now he had asked me to come here at this location that he had captured it.

I could sense no scent from that cape person as expected from the Black Raven. He drugged it, it looks so fragile, but it’s so fierce.

“Alpha Aayan, I got The Black Raven for you on our terms, Now where is my money”? Eric dragged the cape guy towards the light area.

“How can I trust your words? That this is black Raven”? I said in a monotone.

“You can! I love my life, I won’t bet on it if I knew I would lose this gamble” he smirked at me. “Besides you can see yourself and clear your doubts!”

He went behind the cape guy and removed his cape, brown hair falling out of the cape with face revealing of Alex!!!

WTF how is this possible Alex out of all people is Black Raven!! I couldn’t digest it. My men were equally shocked.

“Alexx you? She had her face down. “Are you really black raven”?

“Yes Aayan I’m the Black Raven!!” she said in a low & serious tone.

“After all this time, you killed my brother!!! You killed him in that way that it took us long to find his body. My brother did a good deed but and you threw him off the cliff because you were on a rampage, and hungry for Bloodlust. ”

“Killing is fun for you. You don’t value anyone but yourself. You selfish lying bitch. You lied about everything you knew who I was! & when I asked you about Black Raven, you lied to my face!” I said all those poisonous words from my mouth.

November 4, 2017 (2 years ago)

“Bro you’re back from your trip!!” I yelled happily when I saw my brother. I admired him the most he was like an inspiration to me, a strong wolf with the right principles and thinking about the pack’s well-being. He was beta that time and in coming years he was going to take the Alpha’s position. He was perfect in everything and treated everyone with care. 

“Bro when are we training together? You were to teach me defense”?

“I have a meeting with other guys for black Raven’s mission maybe later”

“So, you guys found its location? This time killing it for good”?

“Yes we have this time, It’s going down. Aayan don’t you worry to much work on your defense basics then we can continue.”

“Okay bro you better not bail on me!!” and with that, he left only for me to find out he is never coming back.

December 21, 2017 

We got a piece of news from our IT (Interrogation & Torture) department. That my brother’s squad were killed by black Raven. My whole world was devastated, my inspiration was destroyed just like that.

I swore that day I will kill Black Raven and Avenge my brother’s death.


Alex’s Pov

“Things are getting interesting here, aren’t they?!!! Oh! My what a resolve since you got your answer hand over my money” Eric demanded.

“You scum why did you betray me?” I asked him, anger rising in me.

“Oh my-my don’t stress yourself, I thought I should help Alpha since you did scare his life by taking his loved one and only he can fund me besides I can also get protection from the largest pack against you,” he said in excitement.

He came near me whispering in my ear, “don’t die Raven or else who will entertain me in this boring life!!”

“Also Alpha I will tell you a secret, she is the black Raven and how do I know that? Because I worked for her” he started laughing maniacally.

“Goodbye Raven, See you in hell” And he left the room.

Ugh, I’m so weak because of this drug. Raven still hasn’t completed her focusing yet, a little more time to stall I guess. Aayan looks furious, he might as well kill me now, I have to do something.

“You are a disgrace to wolf society, I will kill you so at least your victims can get justice,” Aayan yelled.

“Watch your mouth Punk!! Be careful who are you calling a disgrace!!!”

He was furious, he forced shifted into his wolf, mine is not ready yet. They dragged me out of the room into the forest ground, they wanted me to brawl the Alpha.

This drug’s effect is still not out. He pounced on me scratching my shoulder and howling he raised his paw to push me backward, my wolf wasn’t ready yet.

As he was going to pounce on me another gray wolf jumped from my left side and pushed me aside from his line of vision. Toni?!

“Get out of my way Toni, I don’t want to hurt you! Your so-called best friend has killed my brother and many other wolves” Aayan barked.

“No, I cannot let you kill her, neither do I want to hurt you, Stop this right now!!!”

“Toni, out of my way, last time I’m saying!” my wolf was angry, but he didn’t mean to hurt Toni.

“Nothing can stop me I’m sorry Toni things need to be done, I did warn you but you didn’t listen you’ll be collateral damage”. I was going to rush, but she screamed.

“You cannot kill her before you know the full story!” she screamed. I was frozen in my tracks. WHAT? FULL STORY? There was another wolf guarding her, another black wolf? His eyes show hatred towards me.

“Full story, what do you mean? I asked her.

“There are a lot of things you still don’t know about your brother, what he did with Black Raven” I was flabbergasted.

Alex’s POV.

“Your brother was after the bounty that was on my head. I didn’t know who he was. My gloomy life had a meaning and your brother took away that meaning from me. he killed my innocent girl who just wanted happiness and peace knowing that, it would lure me to them, and they finish me” I said in a low tone, memories of June started flooding back in my mind.

“No my brother would never do that, he never kills any innocent, you are lying!!”

“I have proofs of that incident, you say your brother was thinking about other’s welfare but why was he involved in bounty killing. Beta’s can’t go in bounty killing you know that right. Plus i also saw him attending that secret bounty meeting. You can dig in with your source. I just avenged my sisters’ death. So, I did nothing wrong. He is just a greedy person who wanted money or did for fun, but I lost my loved one” I said in a deadly tone.

He was Flabbergasted. All this till now was a lie!!! His brother’s personality was a lie I looked over Toni, she had a blank reaction.

Helpless, broken-hearted & depressed his soul was. He couldn’t control it anymore he cried and howled loudly, dead silence everywhere and you could only hear cries of his wolf. He ran off to the forest and Toni went after him.

Asher was there with me, he was carrying me in his arms and consoling me.  Memories of June entering my soul. It felt light but i could understand Aayan’s feelings right now.

To be Continued…



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