My life as an Anime

Optional: if you would like then read this blog while listening to “Unlasting my LISA” for feels. thank you 🙂

Sometimes watching too much anime I compare what if my life would be like that if it had a touch of anime lifestyle. It would be a fun, imaginative & new viewpoint of life. Imagination makes everything possible giving us the satisfaction of what we desire. Imagining would be this beautiful I would want that life.

It was time for my college, I woke up at 6.30 am. my bed was soft & fuzzy but my surroundings were changing. I was seeing the 2d version of my 3d room with 3d style, what happened!! I couldn’t process this, I washed my face and saw my look in the mirror, I was my 2d self.

My mom’s shouting at me in Japanese to get ready for the college, I was running late. I felt weird, but I was late so, I changed & rushed out of the house to catch my train.

The surrounding outside my house was also changed, it looked like anime style. But it was reality! Everyone looked 2d & spoke Japanese. Some were minding their own business. I walked towards my college & it was looking normal, my surroundings were normal 3d again, it was just my illusion.

I was standing in front of the gate I closed my eyes & took a deep breath & walked in, walking towards my class everything was changing again into 2d. Eh, what the hell was happening!? I even called out to my friends, but I was speaking Japanese & they reacted. I was shocked NANIIII??? So was I seeing things, or they couldn’t see anything?!

My class was starting I sat on my seat and looked out of the window as every anime character does but nothing surprised me. I felt like the main character in an anime. I left college & my friends asked me to join them for lunch.

Roads were again back to normal, it was a nearby café, we chose to walk, and the way there were talking reminded me of those anime scenes I watched. It was as if I was feeling those things. I was being an anime MC. I didn’t say anything. We reached the café & it got changed again into 2d.

Now, I was definitely seeing things that these guys can’t see. We ordered food & beverages and we chilled. 1hr later we parted our ways to go home. It was still the same, but the surroundings kept changing whenever it wanted to. I was enjoying it. I felt happy & great. Could someone else be also seeing things like me or its just me?

It was around 4pm I was walking home admiring the scenery and I saw my friend. He was standing there and looked at me with a smile on his face more like relief. I was confused he pointed out to me “can you see the things I’m seeing? “Anime scenarios you mean?” He nodded, and I was happy that I was not being crazy.

He took me to a group of people who were seeing & feeling the same things. The otakus, anime lovers. They all were gathered there & we joined them. We had a lot of fun together, enjoying & feeling the same vibes. Tanoshikatta!

I couldn’t put in words why was this happening to us? Being typical us we thought something in world change & we were happy to be a part of it. none of us could understand, but we all felt the same vibe in our hearts.

It was 7pm, we had to return home. We all said our goodbyes. I wanted more of this feeling, the effect it had on me. The sky full of stars & breeze hitting my face as I smiled for the beginning. I reached home said goodbye to my friend. I was in my room checking the group and seeing the pics we clicked together. It was late now & I had to sleep, maybe tomorrow would be the same. I close my eyes to remember this beautiful memory.

“Dinner is ready!!!! Get down!!!!!” my mom called. Huh? Dinner? But I returned home 2hrs ago! what the hell. I woke up sitting on my bed & an anime being played on my laptop. Did I just dream about that? What happened? Did I forget to have dinner? I couldn’t understand what was going on. Suddenly, my cell buzzed a reminder? “Meet with otakus Friday at 4pm” and I smiled looking at my screen. So, it is tomorrow huh! Juhi baka.

It’s not gonna happen but if it would, I would love to be a part of it as I saw the anime on my laptop which I was watching lol. Tanoshikatta! NE!!

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