Black Raven 6

PART 6 [Nightmares & bestfriends]

April 20, 2005 ( 14 years back)

“Alexia, pass me the ball, throw it, honey, you can do it!” my dad playing with me so, I learn a sport and have fun.

“Gray, the Alpha Mason wants you in the living room” my mom stands at the door of the backyard smiling at me.

“You are going, dad?”

“We can play later, Alpha Mason is here we can’t keep him waiting right! Be a good girl and go to your room & play.”

At 2 am,

“Alexia, get up we have to get out of here, we are under the attack” mom was panicking. There were noises everywhere, glasses being shattered, we came outside, and saw the whole neighborhood was on fire, people running from nowhere with their children, wolves running behind them.

It was an attack. My mom immediately changed in her wolf, she was guarding me against 3 GRAY WOLVES. My dad immediately jumps in between and told us to flee.

“Remember Alexia I will always love you” with that we flee towards safety.

“Mom, dad is going to be alright?”

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My life as an Anime

Optional: if you would like then read this blog while listening to “Unlasting my LISA” for feels. thank you 🙂

Sometimes watching too much anime I compare what if my life would be like that if it had a touch of anime lifestyle. It would be a fun, imaginative & new viewpoint of life. Imagination makes everything possible giving us the satisfaction of what we desire. Imagining would be this beautiful I would want that life.

It was time for my college, I woke up at 6.30 am. my bed was soft & fuzzy but my surroundings were changing. I was seeing the 2d version of my 3d room with 3d style, what happened!! I couldn’t process this, I washed my face and saw my look in the mirror, I was my 2d self.

My mom’s shouting at me in Japanese to get ready for the college, I was running late. I felt weird, but I was late so, I changed & rushed out of the house to catch my train.

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Black Raven 5



“Before Luna, I’m her best friend I can’t betray her like that. When she comes I’ll talk to her first okay?”

“Yeah, it is okay if that way she talks then” I sighed, but Jack was happy that we found our mate.

Third Person POV.

“How is she doing? How Strong is she? a man in his thirties was sitting behind the table, facing towards the window of his office asked his subordinate.

“She is doing fine master, she is strong for 1 vs 10 of gray/ black wolves fighting against her.” the subordinate told his master.

“Did you find about The Moonstone?!! its location? any clues?”

“not yet my search is going on, I’ll soon get reports from my spies.”

“Soon She has to accept the reality & merge with it. That stone must not go in the wrong hands find it ASAP!!!!. I want to see her!”

“Soon master, I’ll make the arrangements.”

“Its time for her to know the truth, you May leave Eric!”

“Yes, Master.” he bowed his head and left the office.

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Black Raven 4

PART 4 [ Date & Kidnapped by Mate]


I looked at the sky and sighed, I hope she finds her happy place.“ Pretty girls don’t roam around the cemetery at 1 am,” a voice behind me said in a cocky tone.

I saw those silver eyes, shining. “Arrogant boys don’t know how to mind their own business,” I said in the same tone, he smirked.


Alex’s POV.

I don’t understand how these guys have nerves to be cocky like I don’t even get peace when I’m in a cemetery like seriously now this creep out of nowhere is annoying me with what pretty girls should do & shouldn’t do things.

“It’s not like any of your damn business!!” I replied in an annoyed tone.

“Yes it is when my mate is roaming in the cemetery at 2 am & sulking for someone.” he just said nonchalantly.

“Wait whatttttt!!!! MATE!!!!!, how do you know?” I was shocked would be an understatement.

“Looks like you forgot to unmask your scent today, sweetheart.” he had this smirk on his face.

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Black Raven 3

PART 3 [June & Red dragons]


I was shocked, he protected me from the blast. Quickly I pushed him off me, I’m pissed, nobody messes with my fight, but there were also unanswered questions about him being here. I asked him in a cold voice what was he doing here, he smirked at me and said ‘None of your business’.

Alex’s POV

How is this possible? How come there was a second bomb? I don’t understand, someone else was also on this murder? It seems weird that someone could come across my plan. But I had to go through the bottom of this situation.

That black wolf saved me! Why? Does he know I’m his mate? Raven was a bit sad and happy at the same time but confused as well. I’ve done different gigs from the past 2 weeks. It’s still 8th November and soon on 16 November, those memories will flood my brain.

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Black Raven 2

PART 2 [Fireflies & drugdealers]


News spread like fire “Black Raven killed entire Silver Snakes’ pack and kidnapped a young girl.” I just smirked while laying on my couch.


Aayan’s POV

I panicked when I heard about the alert system, all the wolves took their place it was an emergency.

Someone kidnapped Alex! Damn it! Only one day she stays here and it’s chaos. I asked my beta to find her near the borders, she couldn’t have made to the borders.

We checked the entire territory, nowhere to be found. I got the news from my Third in command saying how she kicked beta’s ass in a brawl.

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Black Raven

PART 1 [ When The Moon Shines]

Alex’s POV.

Tired, I was so tired all this time. I’ve been running from those who wanna kill me this instinct, I trespassed their territory, killed almost their entire pack and Alpha and now they want my head. My legs are giving out.

I’m so thirsty, hungry and I really don’t have any stamina left within me, I think I’m gonna pass out.

The second I tried that Raven told me to keep moving and let her take control, I ran for what seems like 3 hrs and I might have lost them.

I saw the lake, water. God, I was so thirsty.

I sat beside the lake and lay there for a while, I looked up in the sky moon was shimmering in the waters, I splashed water on my face, cleaned all the dirt on my legs, body, clothes.

My legs were in pain I couldn’t walk or run any further.

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My Secret Someone..

Ever happened that you just look at something and you get lost? This moonlight, dreamy sky, cold breeze, touching my face, had so much same feeling.

I just enjoyed sitting here, it was clear, the stars, the sky, the wind. all my inner channels were just developing and loving this feels. It is 12 am and I’m just star-gazing.

“So here you are! thinking the same thing again” I heard this voice behind me, familiar one. She is back. I never looked back to this date to see her, she visits me when she wants.”

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She is my Best friend​

He wondered every day how he was lucky to have her in his life! she was so crazy & psycho how he was handling her, she acts with all her multiple personalities.

She was everything a guy could ask for, looks, brains, silliness, crazy ass mindset not to mention her cool attitude to deal with problems, so carefree.

Zenia never failed to understand him, she was his rock and shoulder for him to cry on, whenever he had fights with his girlfriend he would talk to her and she would help him to see through right & wrong.

He had a breakup recently he was troubled.

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Rough Nights & Happy delights….

What would you do if you had the whole trip and you decided to be yourself? one night can change many things, it certainly did for Nia.

Starting a trip with strangers and having a blast night out wasn’t planned on her list but who wants to miss out on the fun? let’s just say, confronting her Bestie from all ex-drama so she could move on was basic ideas.

A night full of fun, stupidity, and crazy adventure was planned.

The girl gang included Nia, Cassie, Megan, June, and Trina. These girls had planned out.

The night to take June’s mind out of her shitty ex-bf, who cheated on her. it was all “girl go wild” theme, they had in their mind.

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