Can you keep a secret?

6 months had passed since her last loneliness moment! Every day is the same, makes her want to move on.

She had learned her ex was very happy and engaged with his new love. She knew she had to move on! Being a CEO, her life was a mess, she had no time for herself.

Skipping all this work she made her way to the bar, drank a couple of drink but her mood wasn’t changing.

She left and started walking to a park, she sat on the grass, mild breeze hitting her face, she looked up to the stars, thought what’s next?

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Days without You

A perfect day would be with something or someone. Her day began & ended with him always by her side through thick & thin, he never left her.

She knew she could conquer the world with him & have nothing to fear, but she didn’t know how long it would last!

Her day would, begin with kisses & wishing her luck and in the night it would be more of a precise story she would tell him about her day!

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