Black Raven 3

PART 3 [June & Red dragons]


I was shocked, he protected me from the blast. Quickly I pushed him off me, I’m pissed, nobody messes with my fight, but there were also unanswered questions about him being here. I asked him in a cold voice what was he doing here, he smirked at me and said ‘None of your business’.

Alex’s POV

How is this possible? How come there was a second bomb? I don’t understand, someone else was also on this murder? It seems weird that someone could come across my plan. But I had to go through the bottom of this situation.

That black wolf saved me! Why? Does he know I’m his mate? Raven was a bit sad and happy at the same time but confused as well. I’ve done different gigs from the past 2 weeks. It’s still 8th November and soon on 16 November, those memories will flood my brain.

May 16, 2014 (5 years back)

I had been on run, I left my pack and vowed for vengeance that one day I’ll end them all for good. Being rogue was difficult since I was on my own, and anyone could kill me or torture me for information, nor I had that much money to buy luxury stuff, I was literally on the streets. Since I had little money left from my savings, I decided to buy a small cottage for myself.

I’m learning to be strong, tough and most importantly heartless. Growing up I learned all these emotions. It was fucked up and having power will only make you recognizable in this world.

I started a part-time job for the day and hitman at night with small assassinations. Low-level smugglers, killers, rapist, dealers.

I got to know many kinds of people, all twisted sides of their manipulative brain. This world was dark and people just saw their own light, not the reality.

November 16, 2016 (3 years back)

It was starting of fall, and a mild snow here in Mystic Harbor, I had just finished killing some low life, I’m tired and there on the small bridge, I saw here, cute brown eyes, brunette hair, petite small body, her eyes lying low on the ground; searching for life.

The look on her face was quite matured, those eyes must have seen cruel things, searching for life now. Dirty clothes, messy hair there she was sitting on the bridge with her arm surrounding her legs.

Poor kid, why she was here in the first place? I approached her, stood in front of her, she looked at me with a puzzled expression, I gave her some food, she refused at first but her hungry stomach was telling a different story.

I told her it’s safe to eat, she looked at me, and then she began eating. She politely told me “thank you! You’re humble Miss”, with a smile on her face. It was satisfying when I felt her genuine feelings. I asked her name, “its June, Miss” she told me while inwardly playing with her fingers.

I asked her what was she doing here, to my horror she told me, she is from the streets and her parents abandon her. She lives with some hobos. I took her in with me, this 8-year-old doesn’t deserve this life and orphanage won’t even take her. She refused, but she knew she had no other choice.

June is a sweet kid, understanding of current situations and being grateful no matter what, she is like that flower, blossoming and please to anyone’s eyesight.

She is a happy kid, despite the fact she knew this horrible reality of this world, she wanted peace and be close with the person she soon started caring for.

June & I bonded and were much closer with each other in the past 2 weeks when I found her, she is like my lil sister, I love her so much. I am not heartless around her, the only exception I made this time.

She had enough coldness her entire life till now, she didn’t deserve more. I tried finding June’s parents and her other family, turns out her parents don’t want her and relatives are out of issue now.

December 24, 2016

It was Christmas eve, and we were shopping together, June gets excited about Christmas, she thinks it brings her closer to the happiness she wants, and she likes all festive mood of people. We went from buying clothes to food to decoration for our home since June came into my life, we moved into some bigger place for both of us.

She spends her time learning as she has no education privileges. I also teach & train her, she can’t stay weak and self-defense is necessary. She is a fast learner, she also knows about my job but regardless she accepts me and has no complaints.

Lying to her would only hurt her as she has seen this reality but some parts, I don’t expect her to know, she is fragile in the end and needs time for it. She also knows my Wolf form, she is not scared but accepting it to the end I think she is a wolf as well, but no transformation has taken place, she is 8, maybe soon enough.

Her Christmas spirit is high of the ground, we did all things she likes but I also know she cried today as she misses her parents. Truth is, I feel bad for her I understand her pain, and her feelings, what she is going through as I was at her place when I was 8.

6 months had passed, and she is getting stronger, Raven is happy with her being around, she is like a light in our darkness, it is also getting difficult for June to open up, she is still struggling with her past, I can’t see her like this but I can’t force her for this. I was growing attached to her and she somehow made me feel better in this miserable life.

June is grasping on basic education, she told me she learned how to talk from her orphanage where she used to live before, and the only survivor when her orphanage was on fire, due to short-circuiting. 

She still has nightmares of that day but coping up. she picked up fast on defense as well.

December 20, 2017.

I was returning home from my job, how June will be happy when she will see these cupcakes she loves them and at least she will forgive me when I couldn’t play with her yesterday. I got a call from an unknown number saying I should go home asap, as a surprise is waiting for me. This is not a good sign, something is fishy, oh no JUNE!!!!!! I panicked.

She is in danger FUCK! I raced to our home, I was standing outside the front yard, panicking, the door revealed June standing there and smiling, “you’re back early Alex!”

I could hear faint beeping sound cause of my wolf sense. Oh, no shit I yelled “JUNE GET OUT” she was looking confused and before she could do anything BOOM there was a small blast and the part of the front door collapsed on her.

JUUUNNEEEEEE!!!!!” I yelled and ran towards her, within fractions of seconds everything was destroyed. There was smoke in front of me I couldn’t see. I moved debris of pillar from her, moved her body to my lap

“Stay with me June, I’ll take you to the hospital, don’t close your eyes.” wrapping cloth to stop her blood flow from her arms. she stopped me from doing it I’m shocked, she smiled “It’s okay Alex, don’t stress out more, you’re injured, I don’t have much time left, thank you for everything you’ve done for me, for making me your family I wish I had all the time with you and take care of you.” Oh, no this is not happening, June No!!!

“I’ve been waiting to gift you this, one for me and another for you. You’re the best thing happened to me, I hope you bring happiness and light to your life. I love you Alex. You’re my only family, and I’ll be always watching you, take care Buba” she poked my forehead with her finger, and then she handed me a locket with a heart-shaped design which revealed our picture together. Tears streaming down my face, I couldn’t stop that time.

I yelled JUUNNEEE holding, lifeless body in my hands.

I couldn’t process what happened, our home our every memory burned to ash. This overwhelming feeling, this pain in my heart. I could feel all emotions rising up. Raven was out of control, I forced changed and was raging with anger, Raven is on rampage to cool down the fire within us, June didn’t deserve this, someone wanted to kill me, but she got killed instead, whoever did this was gonna pay and I’ll make sure they suffer and regret their existence.

Some rogues were annoying me and it’s their lucky day, they got killed by me, no regrets. I’m done with humanity when June died. Now I simply don’t care. I made a proper burial for June, may she rest in peace. It was a windy night, I went for a run, high on mountains and I let it all out. I HOWLED and CRIED for hours. I promised to give her justice. June’s killer is gonna pay for this.

It took me 3 days to find her killer “Sam Maxwell” that son of a bitch is going to die. The beta of Red Dragons. Oh, great now again a pack’s involved but I don’t care. His last days are near, lucky for me I found out he is returning from his mission. This is a perfect chance, I kill him before he reaches his territory.

They were campaigning in the woods, 2 of his men are sleeping. They are a squad, easy. I threw a grenade on their base 2 of his men died within seconds. The blast lure the beta and other wolves, look like its showtime. He’s puzzled, I changed and pounced on another guy, biting him hard and injuring him. It was me & him now.

I reminded him of what he had done 3 days before, the house blast. Fear started showing on his face, he was a bounty hunter for my life, looks like he is gonna be my next prey. We started fighting, I attacked him, but he dodged, strong wolf it seems.

He started charging towards me and kicked me, I was on the ground, I stood up, circled him and then jumped on him from the back. I pushed him, bite him and scratched him with my paws. Ripped off his fingers, he winced, but I wasn’t going to end it there. He was going backwards, and that’s what I wanted.

I asked him “any last words?” “fuck you, Black Raven, rot in hell.” He barked. I just smirked “I’m already in hell!” fear was visible in his face and I pushed him off the cliff.

He screamed, but there was no way he could survive this fall while being injured. Lastly, I killed his squad mate and left the site.

The news spread like fire, Black Raven killed beta of Red Dragons.


Today is 16th November, 3 years had passed when I first met June. 3 years of tranquility and loneliness. It’s her bday today and I’m standing next to her grave. Why did you leave me June why?

I looked at the sky and sighed, I hope she finds her happy place. Pretty girls don’t roam around the cemetery at 1 am,” a voice behind me said in a cocky tone. I saw those silver eyes, shining. “Arrogant boys don’t know how to mind their own business,” I said in the same tone, he smirked.

To be Continued………






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