Black Raven 6

PART 6 [Nightmares & bestfriends]

April 20, 2005 ( 14 years back)

“Alexia, pass me the ball, throw it, honey, you can do it!” my dad playing with me so, I learn a sport and have fun.

“Gray, the Alpha Mason wants you in the living room” my mom stands at the door of the backyard smiling at me.

“You are going, dad?”

“We can play later, Alpha Mason is here we can’t keep him waiting right! Be a good girl and go to your room & play.”

At 2 am,

“Alexia, get up we have to get out of here, we are under the attack” mom was panicking. There were noises everywhere, glasses being shattered, we came outside, and saw the whole neighborhood was on fire, people running from nowhere with their children, wolves running behind them.

It was an attack. My mom immediately changed in her wolf, she was guarding me against 3 GRAY WOLVES. My dad immediately jumps in between and told us to flee.

“Remember Alexia I will always love you” with that we flee towards safety.

“Mom, dad is going to be alright?”

“Baby girl he will be fine, listen, Alexia, we are an under attack by Silver Snakes led by beta Klaus they betrayed us, don’t let them find you in the future or today, and I want you to stay safe here, wait for me if I don’t return flee to the south and be safe.”

“Mom where are you going! Don’t leave me here alone” I cried.

“Mother has to fight to keep you safe! You are strong and promise me you will never give up on life, there is always hope. May your inner wolf rise above all strengths and be powerful, now be brave & strong.” I nodded while crying.

Mom hides me in that basement. There was banging on the door I hid under the table & the door burst open revealing Nina, my best friend. I was so happy to see her.

“Alexia Let’s get out of here, we need to hurry.”

“I’m waiting for mom, she told me to wait here until she comes”

“Alexia, Lady Amara is not going to come, she sent me here to rescue you & take you where others are” I felt a lot of emotions overwhelming, I was stunned.

“Alexia c’mon, and we need to keep this journal protected from them, she told me to give it to you, it’s our clan journal, we must not open it, but we have to keep it safe” I and Nina escaped that house, we were running and hiding from the silver snakes, but we encountered one of their members.

We were scared but we had to injure him. He was in his human form smirking at us knowing it is his victory. I saw a barrel of gunpowder beside me and there was already fire on the broom above the support of gunpowder. I nodded at Nina she understood.

“Surrender pups I might spare your lives!”


“you can’t win against me”

“We figured you’d say that” and I pushed the barrel which made the fire broom drops on the gunpowder creating a fire line he can’t cross, and we ran.

“Screw you pups”

We ran from that place into the forest, panting, taking our breath. Seeing our whole town burning from far.

“Help someone please help me.” we heard a distant voice we rushed towards that direction. Lady Mia, Nina’s mother was wounded.

“Mom where is Emilia?”

“She is with your father. He is wounded too call for help” she was in great pain.

“Alexia, I want you to promise me you will take care of this with your life, this journal is very important, I have to go rescue my sister. If! I don’t return run away”!

“Are you crazy!! You can’t go in there we will call someone for help”!

“No we can’t lure the enemies here, you have to understand please Alexia this is for our clan. I promise to return safe, but if I don’t you know what to do.” I nodded in agreement, and Nina ran to that site to help her sister.

Hours had passed still no sigh of Nina, I was with Lady Mia, her wounds were deep. We heard the voices of men. God no silver snakes! Lady Mia told me to flee with the book.”Go I will distract them.”

“But lady Mia I can’t leave you like this”

“If we both get caught it would be meaningless, so go” I ran from that area into the woods with my clan journal. My wolf had finally appeared in my mind, she told me to keep running.

My legs had given out it had been hours since I was running. I was sleepy tired and famished. I couldn’t keep up the speed. My vision was blurry I knew I had no energy anymore & I passed out in the middle of the woods.


Alex POV.

I stood up from my bed panting & sweating, taking deep breaths ugh that nightmare again! Just can’t forget that day & those memories.

“Alex are you alright? I heard you screaming” Toni barged into my room.

“I’m fine, just that nightmare again. It haunts me still, back then I wasn’t able to protect anyone, I was powerless.” I kept my hand on my eyes. It still gives me goosebumps.

“They all did for you, you have to live for them” I could see the concern in her eyes.

“Where is that journal?”

“In the attic upstairs, you think you should open that now?”

“I have to get answers or else I won’t get over it” I sighed.

“Before that, we are going to the coffee shop, Sam is opening it today & we promised to be there for him, get ready in 30 minutes”

“Yeah” I did all my routines I will find the answers when I’m home, now I have to be there for Sam.

Sam is another gem in my life. We three stay together, his wolf is also a gray one. He loves tech & Coffee shops more than anything. He helps me with various missions. As a Certified hacker, he gets paid a lot, Plus our share on missions.

We reached his shop, I can see money floating over the Shop, damn Sam showing money like that lavishly.

“Welcome my ladies, finally, you came, I was hoping you wouldn’t stand me up after all that drama you two are involved.”

“Of course not Sammy we wouldn’t miss your big day” she smacks his head with her elbow.

“Ouch, that hurt! Show respect I’m the owner here” he says with his childish face.


“How is Aayan? & his relationship with Alex? Going well?

“Aayan is depressed, after knowing the shocking truth of his brother.he still can’t digest that. I was with him but for now, I left him with his buddies.”

“I think a deep down he still hates me & has a grudge,” I said nonchalantly.

“Maybe not, he needs time Alex”


“How about Asher?”

“Asher visits me casually, though I have banned him from entering into my house at any time he pleases, he still does. It’s fine though he visits twice a week.”

“Seems like you are getting soft for him” she is teasing me now.

“I’m not!”

“It is useless to reject the mate bond Alex, maybe he is something that you need now after all this emotional turmoil you are going through. Think hard about it”!

His opening day was a fun lot of customers were coming through. His café was beaming, good for Sam. We spent hours here talking & helping him. Let’s hope we don’t find trouble here.

I could sense something tense, although it would look normal, raven sensed something different, her intuitions & are right most of the time. I had my guard up & then I sensed something familiar.

This scent I can’t remember but I know its familiar. Raven was figuring it out whose scent it was! It came closer more like running towards us! Enemy? Who is it? Aayan’s subordinates? Eric’s men? The doorbell ranged and I could sense familiar scent from the person.

“Alex it’s her! This can’t be true! Am I dreaming?” I took a deep breath & turned around to see that person. My eyes widen when I saw her face. Jet black hair, bangs covering her forehead, those green eyes, strongly built! She had changed, didn’t she?

She had a reassuring smile glowing on her face. All I wanted was to hug her.


“Alexia,” she said sweetly her eyes gleaming with the happiness it was like she found an adorable puppy.

The door barged open once again It made a hard crackling sound. 3 patrolling wolves came in, an aggressive aura coming from them.

“Hey you, You Smell different, why did you run? You didn’t even complete your security check, This ain’t your territory! Are you rogue? We don’t allow rogue’s here.” He said, pointing fingers towards Nina. She didn’t respond.

“Are you deaf? We had to chase you till here, do you know what that makes you? Answer me damn it” he said more aggressively.

Nina was about to do something stupid, I could see Sam’s rage, his poor door. oh no we don’t want a fight, we have to do something. I tighten my grip on her hand signalling her not to do anything. She looked at me. The atmosphere has super tensed vibes all eyes on us, if looks could kill we’d be dead already.

“Sorry for her behavior, she is not from here, She can’t understand English Properly,” Toni said casually. They don’t look convinced, shit we busted, I wonder what Nina did!

“She is a tourist, came here first time for our opening, she doesn’t know her way, plus she sensed us, so, she came running”

He sighed “Eh still she could have completed the check you know alpha’s orders right!” His voice was stiff.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, I assure you she is harmless” Toni is The queen of persuasion I must say, what a convincing lie to back up Lol and those dumbass believed that lie.

“Um okay, but she has to do the check, If found suspicious actions will be taken. I want you guys later at patrolling station by an hour.” he warned us and left. Phew! Rescued. Nina was glaring at Toni.

“Calm down Nina, she is my friend! That had to be done you were quiet.”

“Sorry Nina” she nodded. I hugged her “I thought you died, I waited hours for you that day” I cried.

“I couldn’t save my sister, She died in front of me. They were coming, and I heard them going towards your direction, so, I chased but then lost direction. Tired & famished my wolf was vulnerable, I didn’t know where i was going, my vision got blurry and I blacked out. when came to senses I was in a goods train, and I was halfway across Winter Veil.I had to find stay there till I could get some money to come back home” she sighed her eyes so dead.

“I’m so sorry about your family”

“My mom couldn’t make it right!”

I nodded it was silence between us.”But I’m glad that you’re alive” she smiled.

“Nina, this is Toni & Sam, my friends”

“Its gonna be alright.”she got overwhelmed.

“Alexia, you still have clan Journal right, we need to talk,” she said in a serious tone.

Third-person POV.

“Boss, There are chances that Alex has the journal also a woman named Nina is with her”

“Very well follow them & report me”

“Do I steal the journal from her?”

“Yes if you get chance, no casualties though”


To be continued…


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