Black Raven 4

PART 4 [ Date & Kidnapped by Mate]


I looked at the sky and sighed, I hope she finds her happy place.“ Pretty girls don’t roam around the cemetery at 1 am,” a voice behind me said in a cocky tone.

I saw those silver eyes, shining. “Arrogant boys don’t know how to mind their own business,” I said in the same tone, he smirked.


Alex’s POV.

I don’t understand how these guys have nerves to be cocky like I don’t even get peace when I’m in a cemetery like seriously now this creep out of nowhere is annoying me with what pretty girls should do & shouldn’t do things.

“It’s not like any of your damn business!!” I replied in an annoyed tone.

“Yes it is when my mate is roaming in the cemetery at 2 am & sulking for someone.” he just said nonchalantly.

“Wait whatttttt!!!! MATE!!!!!, how do you know?” I was shocked would be an understatement.

“Looks like you forgot to unmask your scent today, sweetheart.” he had this smirk on his face.

“I knew there was something different about that black wolf, I met that day near rivers, but you’re seriously damn hot. Lucky me” he is amused by that fact.

How could I be an idiot, he figured out that I knew he is my mate!! Raven was on cloud 12, but she couldn’t even inform me about him when he was near us.

Maybe she was in some thinking she neglected his presence.

“Don’t think too much sweetheart, I’m so proud that you are my mate, So, you are sulking for someone to close?” his tone suddenly went from funny to serious.

“May she Rest in peace” and he looked at me, his silver eyes shining like that day.

He is hot no doubt. His body is well-built with tattoos, charming personality, messy spiky hair, his smile don’t even get me started there, damn he is walking definition of a handsome boy. The devil does wrong things to me. I sighed.

He was making me nervous, part of me wanted him to be close & other part wanted to go away but I couldn’t move. Damm you MATE pull.

“Asher Wilson, and what’s your name?” he asked me. “Alex Stones.” He moved towards me and I couldn’t understand what he was gonna do, should I stab him? What is he up to? He leaned and kissed my cheek.

Damn what!!! I was surprised, how? Why? I couldn’t react, and he looked directly in my eyes. “You look like you needed that, see you later sweetheart.

I hope you go home directly goodbye.” and with that, he left. I was still standing there & thinking about what just happened!

Raven was overjoyed, she did a happy dance and couldn’t get over it.


20th December 2019,

Aayan’s POV

It has been 2 years since my big brother died, Sam Maxwell was murdered by that wolf, BLACK RAVEN. The time it came to this world, there have been killing, massacre, bad things happening to the wolfs. That wolf is a disgrace & plague to this society.

Lot of them fear that wolf, it is said to be dangerous. I just want my hands on that one, what it did with my brother I won’t forgive it. I will avenge my brother’s death.

I got a call from Dan my man on External Affairs, they tracked Alex’s recent activity looks like she was found roaming in the cemetery on 16th Nov.

I just need a few more details on her So, I can track her cause she is the only one to lead me to the Black Raven, can’t let her go. I will find you soon Alex and this time you are not running away.


Alex’s POV. 

Why did I agree to this? No, how did he do it? How did he save his number on my phone and texted himself with mine, the guy is a genius.

More importantly, I even agree to do this why? So here I am standing in front of the mirror, looking at my outfit which looks bomb on me.

I lost a bet to Asher, so in return, I owe him a date! Raven wanted to do this she kept nagging me about spending time with mate or else she wouldn’t talk to me for a month.

At least I can do that for her. He was supposed to meet me at Carnival, I bet what kind of dates he is into? I reached the decided spot, and I was searching for him, “now where is this fine specimen”? Did I just say that out loud?

“The fine specimen is behind you sweetheart,” he replied in a cocky tone. I was startled, damn this guy scared me.

My eyes laid on his he was looking like a Greek god with those denim jeans and black t-shirt, I won’t be able to control anymore, what are those genes!!.

He bought chocolates for me, I was a surprised but not bad impression. The whole date was planned out. He was jolly, happy, mischievous kind of guy he was just interested in having fun and annoying me.

Seriously why do I let him have this control over me I thought. We went from stalls to stalls, played games, talked about each other. He took me to Ferris wheel, the view was beautiful, fireworks in the sky.

How i longed for this feeling. Is this the feeling of being happy? he then took me to the food corner, the guy loves junk food.

He can eat a pizza by himself LOL. Throughout the date, he was a gentleman.

Maybe he isn’t a bad person should i trust him? or maybe it’s too early!

I did have fun today honestly, I wasn’t expecting but being with him changed my mood. I could see that happiness on his face when he saw me smiling and laughing on his stupid jokes.

Am I feeling happy? We were sitting on a tree, he bought me ice cream. Stars brightening the sky and windy weather what else could I ask for? It felt peaceful.


“I don’t wanna rush things with you, I know you have a lot of trust issues and I want you to take your time to feel comfortable with me, i first wanna be your friend than your partner, so um you don’t have to be so rigid, you can take your time, but I will be there for you” he said in a serious tone, all his words were genuine. The look in his eyes was reflecting the truth.

“Okay Asher I understand, why did you save me that day from the explosion on that drug dealer’s mansion?” I was curious.

“I was assigned to kill that dealer” he looked puzzled.

“Who assigned you?”

“Eric Holt”

I was shocked, that bastard didn’t trust me for this job, and hired someone else! I was furious, why did he do that? Did he plan on killing me?

“So, you’re Assassin as well?” I said nonchalantly.

“Yeah and you’re the infamous Black Raven!” he said in an amused tone. I was flabbergasted, how in the world did he know that???

I got over him and pointed Senbon near his vital point besides his neck.

Before I could stab him he said “chill, I found it out on my own research, nobody else knows it, don’t kill me now sweetheart” he is afraid of me.

My icy cold eyes glued to his, he could sense fear. “Give me a reason, why should I spare your life?”

“Umm because I’m your Mate?” he is using humor.

“Do you think this is a joke? Nobody lives when they know my identity!!”

“I promise not to do anything about it, you’re my mate for Pete’s sake please sweetheart you can trust me.”

“Why should I trust you? What if you kill me.?”

“I would never in the world kill you, I would kill others to protect you.”

Even though he is being all good I can’t trust him easily.

I did a minor cut on his arm just so he knows I’m not letting my guard down.

“I still don’t trust you & mess with my secret & I won’t care if you’re my mate!”

I knew he meant those words, But I wasn’t gonna let my guard down.

“BTW it was a total turn on when you tried to kill me, damn how close your body was to mine” he winked at me.

“You idiot, that’s what you think in your final moments” I whack his head hard with my fist.

“Ouch it hurts” he was complaining while keeping his both the hands on his head.


“There you are Alex, I was looking for you everywhere and you choose to be in carnival LOL.” that voice Oh No Aayan Maxwell of Red Dragons.

What is he doing here? Asher eyed them, he wasn’t in his joking mood now. Aayan kept asking me to go with him and tell him whereabouts of Black Raven.

I kept saying I don’t know, “I ran away from her.” He didn’t believe me.

I looked at Asher and nod at him he understood my sign, and we started walking backwards, and we ran.

Aayan and his men were chasing us. I don’t want to kill someone today, not in this happy mood. We ran off to the forest, we converted into our wolf forms So, we can run faster.

They are still chasing us after 1 hr I think we lost them. Asher was tired. We were close to my safe house. So, we decided to stay there.

He wasn’t gonna leave me alone for the night and I wasn’t gonna argue with that. I had a guest room for him.

We decided to eat since we’re both hungry and I had some explanations to do. He is having that look on his face.

I explained to him my encounter with Aayan Maxwell, how he thinks, I can give him information about Black Raven, and her whereabouts.

He is a pain in my neck annoying bastard. He listened every part of that story and in the end, all he did was like “damm that was cool, amazing sweetheart you rock.” this idiot goofy guy. I sighed. I was too tired to argue with him.

The next day we were both eating breakfast and I got a video call from an unknown number, the background was some rusty walls with a little light and someone was tied up, it revealed the face of victim OH GOD NO!! TONI.

Someone kidnapped her!!!! And there was this guy on call who is giving me a proposal to meet Aayan, and they let Toni go. I agreed to that, and he told me to come after 3 hrs in the pack house of Red Dragons.

Now, how did they find her?? I’m panicking damn, not Toni!! Asher tried to calm me down but I had to go meet him I can’t put Toni’s life on risk.

I had to think of some mislead information So, he can leave my back forever.


Aayan’s POV.

“Boss we called Alex and told her to visit us after 3 hrs,” Dan informed me.

Finally, we tracked down Alex’s number and her connections so if she doesn’t understand it was going to be a hard way.

Now, I had to questions these prisoners. We had 3 new ones this week.

There is this intoxicating scent I’m receiving from the basement dungeon I kept following that scent, and it leads me to one of my cells.

There was this girl tied up on a chair, she was wincing in pain with those jute ropes around her. I laid my eyes on her and Jack blurted MATE!!!!! Jack is my wolf.

I opened the gates and went towards her untied the ropes, she was furious she tried to escape, but I was strong, and she realized I am her mate.

“Your ropes are worst!!!” she shouted.

“Let’s talk in the hall” she followed me silently. She is indeed cute when she is mad and furious. She sits on the couch and keeps checking her skin for any bruises.

“I only want information on Black Raven, I don’t want to harm you in any way possible. I only want Alex to cooperate, but she doesn’t understand So, I had to kidnap you,” i said in a monotone.

“Leave her alone, she escaped her and I think that’s good when she doesn’t want to talk on that topic.”

“It is for personal reasons, You gonna be future Luna of this pack, would you not cooperate?”

“Before Luna, I’m her best friend I can’t betray her like that. When she comes I’ll talk to her first okay?”

“Yeah, it is okay if that way she talks then” I sighed, but Jack was happy that we found a mate.


To be Continued……..


JACK- Aayan’s wolf

Luna- queen of the pack, Alpha’s wife/mate.


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