Black Raven 6

PART 6 [Nightmares & bestfriends]

April 20, 2005 ( 14 years back)

“Alexia, pass me the ball, throw it, honey, you can do it!” my dad playing with me so, I learn a sport and have fun.

“Gray, the Alpha Mason wants you in the living room” my mom stands at the door of the backyard smiling at me.

“You are going, dad?”

“We can play later, Alpha Mason is here we can’t keep him waiting right! Be a good girl and go to your room & play.”

At 2 am,

“Alexia, get up we have to get out of here, we are under the attack” mom was panicking. There were noises everywhere, glasses being shattered, we came outside, and saw the whole neighborhood was on fire, people running from nowhere with their children, wolves running behind them.

It was an attack. My mom immediately changed in her wolf, she was guarding me against 3 GRAY WOLVES. My dad immediately jumps in between and told us to flee.

“Remember Alexia I will always love you” with that we flee towards safety.

“Mom, dad is going to be alright?”

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My life as an Anime

Optional: if you would like then read this blog while listening to “Unlasting my LISA” for feels. thank you 🙂

Sometimes watching too much anime I compare what if my life would be like that if it had a touch of anime lifestyle. It would be a fun, imaginative & new viewpoint of life. Imagination makes everything possible giving us the satisfaction of what we desire. Imagining would be this beautiful I would want that life.

It was time for my college, I woke up at 6.30 am. my bed was soft & fuzzy but my surroundings were changing. I was seeing the 2d version of my 3d room with 3d style, what happened!! I couldn’t process this, I washed my face and saw my look in the mirror, I was my 2d self.

My mom’s shouting at me in Japanese to get ready for the college, I was running late. I felt weird, but I was late so, I changed & rushed out of the house to catch my train.

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