Black Raven 2

PART 2 [Fireflies & drugdealers]


News spread like fire “Black Raven killed entire Silver Snakes’ pack and kidnapped a young girl.” I just smirked while laying on my couch.


Aayan’s POV

I panicked when I heard about the alert system, all the wolves took their place it was an emergency.

Someone kidnapped Alex! Damn it! Only one day she stays here and it’s chaos. I asked my beta to find her near the borders, she couldn’t have made to the borders.

We checked the entire territory, nowhere to be found. I got the news from my Third in command saying how she kicked beta’s ass in a brawl.

The girl is indeed strong as my men refer to it after, 2 hrs of searching territory I send my other men out of borders to find her. It was already 5.30am.

The girl would be useful for a lot of information. Damn it! I’m frustrated and there was something amusing about her which I can’t put my mind on.

My men Lenny & Chris came, they looked shocked. They weren’t attacked but still, I could hear their heart beating faster.

They told me they were 10 bodies outside the territory towards the North direction, and there is bloodshed everywhere. We immediately ran in that direction.

It was a horrible massacre. Killing spree if you asked me simply.

I couldn’t Unseen that sight, the way they are killed brutally. Who could do this merciless killing? My men identified them as members of Silver Snakes.

I got a call from Dan, he was on the external affairs & information. He told me two days back from today, the massacre had taken place and wiped out entire Silver Snakes and it is done By Black Raven.

I am flabbergasted. I couldn’t process this information, so the bloodshed this morning er last night is linked with that incident which happened a day before yesterday and only that girl survived?

So, it all makes sense now, Black Raven was after Alex, and she kidnapped her and killed the other members of the silver snake which were chasing Alex that night but no female body was found!? So Alex lied to me, about her pack.

I was thinking, Black Raven never attacked or killed any pack or innocent beings, What was in its mind and what is it after now! Why would it go on a rampage?

Alex is linked with all this. But we don’t even know where is she now! My men told me that these 10 wolves were also killed by Black Raven. It left a sign on the bodies. Damm.

Alex’s POV.

I’ve binge-watch my series from the past 3 hrs. Since the news of killing spree spread like fire, I’m getting a lot of gigs lately.

Looks like they are impressed by my work. But today I wasn’t in the mood of attending any work calls, it was a day of rest.

But the silence was soon killed by my dramatic best friend who barged into my Room looking surprised.

She is shocked, that would be an understatement. I sighed, she came forward and hugged me, whispering. ‘Glad it is over’.

Toni Knew about everything, She was always supportive. She cared for me and believed in me.

I have to 2 idiots with me, and I care about them deeply, because they never abandoned me when this world isolated me.

I told her everything about my incident of the past 48 hrs, she was worried sick as I didn’t return home that night.

Toni was strong as well, but she didn’t want to be a part of it. She was bubbly and sweet So, I didn’t want her to be a part of this lifestyle.

I’m loaded, my gigs were expensive, but I was the quality they wanted. I shared my apartment room with Toni So, we blend into society.

I looked for my next assignment, oh drug dealer this time, selling illegal drugs to teens, ugh. The reward was 50k $, piece of cake.

I did my research on his whereabouts and everything. Looks like he’ll be dying within two days or 1 maybe.

Raven wanted to go for a Run, she kept annoying me who was I to say no!

I left my house, it was around 10.30pm, and she kept demanding I sighed, I undressed my self, neatly folded my clothes and placed them inside a trunk, transformed into my wolf and ran across the forest.

It felt less stressful, the wind blew on my face and I loved it we had our place near the lake it was abandon lake, nobody came there often.

I lay on the mud, let the sand take on my back and have fun, fireflies were there and I loved how playful we get when we see them.

I started jumping, trying to catch fireflies, They all shined in the night.

I washed my face in the waters, it was cold and refreshing and lay silently over there for some time.

I felt the presence of someone behind me, it was also a black wolf.

He came near me, I wasn’t gonna fight but my guard was on, he sat beside me and dunk his head to drink water, I observed and lay on my 2 paws showing I wanted peace.

He understood and did his thing. He was a huge wolf, strong, how would he be in person? My mind kept wandering.

I was looking at the moon and then I started getting this scent, it was toxic, but I loved it. at that moment Raven blurted out MATE!!!!

I’m shocked what the fuck was she talking, how is this possible! Raven told me he might have unmasked his scent!

Raven begged me to unmask ours, she jumped with joy she found a mate. I wasn’t sure So, I wasn’t gonna unmasked mine.

The black wolf glared in my direction, he came towards me, he circled me, was he sensing me too, he tried to sniff me, but he couldn’t find anything!

He asked me why was I unmasking my scent! Looks like he figured it out. I just told me him cold voice ‘None of your business’. And I ran from that sight.

Asher’s POV.

I’m tired of walking Zain decided to drink water. I saw these fireflies, they were beautiful along with a female black wolf playing with them, how cute.

Black wolf with the female rare case would be strong enough She still didn’t notice me, I went to quench my thirst, she showed me she wanted peace I understood.

I relaxed for a while, Zain felt this pull towards that wolf he told me it was strange but something was there about this wolf he couldn’t put his mind on.

I Unmasked my scent a few seconds later, the female wolf started jumping Zain felt pulls towards her, could she be mate?

I couldn’t sense her while sniffing I asked her about unmasking, she replied in cold voice and ran away. We wanted to chase her but we couldn’t sniff her.

Damn that female would be something to get Zain all riled up.

Alex’s POV.

Today was the last day of that drug dealer or few hours precisely. I was outside his mansion, spying and observing all his security.

He is some rich dealer for having the guards. I had planted a mini bomb just to distract them. As everything was according to my plan, I blew the bomb.

The guards were alerted and went towards the blast. I saw that dealer running from the back gate, I chased him.

Another bomb blew up, I’m surprised I only planted one who did this!? To my surprise that dealer got transformed into his wolf.

So, he is a wolf as well. Raven wanted control, she blurted out I let her take it, it was quite long and she wanted blood-lust, talk about being greedy.

We cornered each other in circles, he attacked me and I only dodged he lunged towards me raising his paw, scratching my shoulder.

I tackled him and bit him on the shoulder, his wolf whimpered. As I was gonna attack again, another wolf lunged on me to the other side and blocked my exit.

It was the same black wolf from that night, his silver eyes shining as ever as if he could see my entire soul, he covered me and there was another blast, the dealer died.

I was shocked, he protected me from the blast. Quickly I pushed him off me, I’m pissed, nobody messes with my fight but there were also unanswered questions about him being here.

I asked him in a cold voice what was he doing here, he smirked at me and said ‘None of your business’.

To be continued……


Mate- Soulmate, inner wolf identify their mates with a unique scent which only mates can smell both male & female and they only live with their mates till death.

Simple terms love at first sight. Also, they have a love for their mates and want to bond with them when they mark them.

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