Black Raven

PART 1 [ When The Moon Shines]

Alex’s POV.

Tired, I was so tired all this time. I’ve been running from those who wanna kill me this instinct, I trespassed their territory, killed almost their entire pack and Alpha and now they want my head. My legs are giving out.

I’m so thirsty, hungry and I really don’t have any stamina left within me, I think I’m gonna pass out.

The second I tried that Raven told me to keep moving and let her take control, I ran for what seems like 3 hrs and I might have lost them.

I saw the lake, water. God, I was so thirsty.

I sat beside the lake and lay there for a while, I looked up in the sky moon was shimmering in the waters, I splashed water on my face, cleaned all the dirt on my legs, body, clothes.

My legs were in pain I couldn’t walk or run any further.

They all deserved it, always treated me like shit as I was some kind of monsters, killed my family, my clan was superior, and they killed them all.

They posed a threat to our pack, so they wiped them out when I was 8yr old.

I vowed for vengeance and I don’t even regret 1% of it. Silver Snakes’ era had ended.

I lay silently for some time and I heard footsteps approaching me. who could it be? Those guys back again? I’m fucking screwed, I can’t go to the same place again or somewhere worst.

Raven was alert and scared as well. I saw 4 guys approaching me, all in black.

2 of them were blond but behind them stood a guy tall, mysterious, handsome words couldn’t define him but there was also sensing of power.

He asked me what was I doing in his territory?! I was dead silent. ‘Again a territory, I must have forgotten while running’.

I knew I had to make run for it, I started running, but they were faster and my legs had already given out, they caught me and I passed out.


Next Morning!

I woke up to a soft pillow and a warm environment. I came to senses it was a bedroom, where was I? Last night details were vague.

I heard someone knocking, the lady informed me to fresh up as Alpha wanted to see me.

I went downstairs to see breakfast being set for me, I also saw the Alpha sitting next to my chair and eating. His name was AAYAN.

He asked me in a cold voice did I remember anything from last night and why was I running? Which pack did I belong? Was I rogue?

I just told him I was running from my pack (Crescent pack). I wasn’t a rogue yet and I no longer wanted to stay in my pack. He was silent just nodded his head.

He must have told his men to do a background check on me. The last he asked my name!

ALEX I replied in a soft voice, so he was Alpha. He told me to stay till the time he thinks I’m harmless to the pack.

I had to escape this. Being with the pack only leads to destruction and I wasn’t ready for that.


I’m a very strong wolf but those bastards drugged me which I can feel in my body also I had been running, fighting past 24hrs so it would take a long time to wear it off and restored my energy back.

My identity was feared by all the packs which also included rogues. I was a hitman, strongest, cold-hearted person who would take lives within seconds without giving second thoughts about them.

I was known to this world as Black Raven. I wouldn’t stay in this place for second but I can’t rush now, not when I have my strength back.

This pack is large must be “THE RED DRAGONS .” All I have to do is wait for midnight and I’ll run.

Till that time I inspected and observed their security systems.

I’m used to stares but it was good to lay low now.

After 4 hrs of doing nothing, Alpha called me, the same guy from last night, must be strong enough for this position and also young, looks like Red Dragons changed their leader from that oldie.

He found my fake info which I used to put for those who check and rectify,  my real identity is hidden from everyone.

He looked dead serious and started questioning all things about rogues and I kept him saying I didn’t know about it.

I wanted to get out, but he seemed like a guy who would keep on pressing and pushing buttons until they commit.

Their security was good but not that good enough which could stop me. At last, he gave up, for now, I left his room and saw their pack members training on the ground, some looked strong, some weak but their training was all meh.

Looks like they were just quantity and not quality.

This brunette guy caught me staring at them and observing. He called me down and asked me if I wanted to brawl?

My wolf was ready, but I wasn’t gonna reveal my wolf form, I was enough for them in my human form, let see what this beta has to offer.

I accepted, and we brawled, he changed into his wolf immediately, oh GRAY WOLF IMPRESSIVE. It would be so nice to see his ass getting kicked.

They were shocked when I didn’t transform I took my fight stance and started punching he dogged 2 but wasn’t enough I did continuous punch and kicked on his ribs he took step back.

I kicked him again and took his paw on my hand and kicked his back, his wolf whimpered, and he was on the ground.

That match was shocking all the pack members were flabbergasted. I smirked and left the ground.

After dinner, I made plans for my escape, his guards were constantly observing my every move, god this was so difficult when you’re under surveillance watch.

At 2am I woke up, ready to leave and my stamina was also back and my wolf was also ready. I wore my mask so one could not find out my real identity.

I left the pack house, guards were still patrolling on the main entrance it was gonna be difficult, I took on 2 guards from behind and then threw a stone on the opposite to create a diversion, and it all went according to my plan and I escaped the house.

All the members would have been alert by now, and I have neared their borders, I left their territory and now I had to run to my safe house.

I was running for an hour in the woods, I sensed someone following me, it was those guys from yesterday they cornered me from every side. It was time for a real fight now because I wasn’t letting these bastards lay a finger on me.

They transformed into their wolf BLACK, GRAY, BROWN damm it was gonna be rough, but I was ready. We started fighting, the brown one lunged at me I kicked him, he was on the ground.

Gray and black were left, looks like it was time for Raven to take control, I transformed into my wolf Black Wolf) I was blessed with a black one.

They shivered once they started sensing Raven’s power but nobody can stay alive after knowing my secret. Their Reinforcements had arrived it was now 1vs 8. Raven and I were ready, and we started killing each of them.

After an hour of fight, only Black one was left. We were started brawling and finally, I killed them all.

It was 5am and I had to go. I left those bodies there. There was bloodshed everywhere, It was fun while it lasted, and I ran away from the sight.

News spread like fire “Black Raven killed entire Silver Snakes’ pack and kidnapped a young girl.” I just smirked while laying on my couch.

To Be Continued…….


Alpha- Leader of the pack.

Beta- Second in command.

Wolf- inner wolf who has seperate name and can transform into wolf & human form.

Rogues- Wolf belongs to no pack.



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