My Secret Someone..

Ever happened that you just look at something and you get lost? This moonlight, dreamy sky, cold breeze, touching my face, had so much same feeling.

I just enjoyed sitting here, it was clear, the stars, the sky, the wind. all my inner channels were just developing and loving this feels. It is 12 am and I’m just star-gazing.

“So here you are! thinking the same thing again” I heard this voice behind me, familiar one. She is back. I never looked back to this date to see her, she visits me when she wants.”

“It’s not like I do this by my choice.”

“Confused again? can’t choose between the options, can you? it’s always been like this with you!” she said with her sweet voice.

I just rolled my eye. she has this cutest laugh, how I wonder if I smile like that nowadays. She had no stress or anything but I couldn’t understand if she understood my situation, but she had this solution which would help me always.

Despite her being 10-year-old she is just smart, but I just like her presence, it shows me hope still exist.

“So this time what’s hurting you?” she asked while playing with her hair, I could see that from the corner of my eye.

“He proposed to me!” I ended up with word vomit. Thing is I am scared, this was going fast, is he a right guy? do we have a future? I couldn’t think straight, I needed some time.

Did he see the future for us? that question popped into my mind. Seeing my facial reaction, she understood I wasn’t ready.

“You know I can read your thoughts right!?” I just sighed.

“Well does he make u laugh?” I nod my head in approval.

“Does he understands & know what you need on your low? then I don’t see a problem, maybe he needs you more than anything now! You are committed to him because you know he is just what you need, you’re over thinking, at least give him a chance, maybe he can u show you what you really need?” she said with while looking at the stars.

I thought about it for some time she was right I was just getting jitters. I had to think straight every relationship is different.

Despite her age, she knew how to clear my mind, this kid was smart. “I think I’m ready but I need some time understanding it, I’ll talk to him” I assured her.

She just smiled Her smile was very pure & genuine she came in front of me, kissed on my cheek, I could see how cute she is, her eyes sparkled with hope

“you know, I’m always there for you and I’ll be watching you” she poked my forehead.

“It’s your time to go?” she nodded.

“Don’t you be upset with him this time,” she said her last things and walked towards the edge of the rivulet. I saw her fading away in the air.

“Bye Violet” I waved her.


Violet knows to cheer me up & clear my mind, she is just what I needed right now.

“Sweetheart, there you are, I’m finding you since 2hrs, I was so worried when you ran like that, I’m glad you’re safe” my fiancé, Alex hugged me.

I could sense his warmth and it felt good.“Sorry, I needed some fresh air & clear mind but it’s all good now, I think I’m ready for us” I assured him.

His smile was priceless, I knew he was just happy she was right after all.

Judging from all the places he is been to, worrying about me, he is the one. I just knew it in my heart.

“BTW Violet, who were you talking to?” I saw you smiling, and I just came to this side.

“Oh, no one just thinking ya know, shall we go home?” he gave me his hand, we started walking.

I turned back at the edge, there she was, my little self smiling at me, and I murmured “thank you!” smiling at her back.

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