She is my Best friend​

He wondered every day how he was lucky to have her in his life! she was so crazy & psycho how he was handling her, she acts with all her multiple personalities.

She was everything a guy could ask for, looks, brains, silliness, crazy ass mindset not to mention her cool attitude to deal with problems, so carefree.

Zenia never failed to understand him, she was his rock and shoulder for him to cry on, whenever he had fights with his girlfriend he would talk to her and she would help him to see through right & wrong.

He had a breakup recently he was troubled.

Zenia was busy with her work, he felt more comfortable with her, he called her she understood his tone and said she will be there at night.

At night. when he came home, he saw his PlayStation was set up with food & drinks. she smirked at him, saying “get ready to lose!” they both started playing, kept diverting his mind from his recent things she knew he was gonna end up with word vomit, she was just waiting he finally let it out, he was now relaxed.

He had nothing to worry about, his best friend was there with him.

He knew how she could handle him and cuss him whenever she was pissed at him.

He knew her from last 5 years and was habitual to her. Back in his mind, he couldn’t ask for a perfect best friend.


The next morning when he woke up he saw her phone, there was a text from the therapist asking how was she feeling nowadays!

He was shocked was she going through something and didn’t inform him!? he wanted to know, so he checked her previous messages, and what he came to know turned out to be unbelievable, she was suffering from PSTD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

He started feeling guilty all these months he didn’t pay enough attention to her and didn’t even know about this.

How was he only thinking about himself and not about her, she was always there for him, and even couldn’t be there for her?!

She even helped him from his breakup smiling and didn’t even show any signs that she was going through something which was much worse? He made up his mind, he would never let her feel alone on this rough road again.

He confronted with her, she just told him he has nothing to worry about, he was going through a rough time so, she didn’t want to burden him with more problems.

That time he cried, he thought what he did to deserve such a perfect friend who cared about his problem more than hers!

He then started talking to her about problems, she was now relaxed, doing little better.

He also attended therapy sessions with her, and now he started doing all things which would be her source of happiness.

They played games, watched movies, he took her on a trip, made her feel alive, he took her to the beach, he knew she was always fond of that.

She went to the waters looked back at him and smiled, he took the picture and just thought “Man” I wished she has no problems to worry anymore, she looks perfect when she smiles, My Best Friend.”

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