Rough Nights & Happy delights….

What would you do if you had the whole trip and you decided to be yourself? one night can change many things, it certainly did for Nia.

Starting a trip with strangers and having a blast night out wasn’t planned on her list but who wants to miss out on the fun? let’s just say, confronting her Bestie from all ex-drama so she could move on was basic ideas.

A night full of fun, stupidity, and crazy adventure was planned.

The girl gang included Nia, Cassie, Megan, June, and Trina. These girls had planned out.

The night to take June’s mind out of her shitty ex-bf, who cheated on her. it was all “girl go wild” theme, they had in their mind.

They decided to sneak out and go where their car leads them, decided on clubbing since without alcohol no drama.

They took shots, girls were on fire, and it felt amazing. After her friends hooking up and dancing with random guys.

Nia was happy seeing her friends all crazy down there. she also had her to-do list of what to do today since one had to be there for all.


1) Drinking, fooling, playing around was their mood, dancing on tables was unexpected, making out with guys giving them dares was all involved.

2) Flirting with a random stranger, who’s hot, cute and Nia couldn’t ignore his perfect physique.

One thing you only wish right now that guy does not happen to be a jerk… but who cares today was all about having fun, messing up, and just one great night.

Nia had all her hots up for this handsome man, was he going to mess with her? or was he gonna let her go? like some normal girl who seeks attention in the club? he was literally making her nervous, all she was thinking how could she have sex with him.

Her dirty mind wasn’t stopping, she was getting signals from him as well. He finally asked her if she wanted to get out, she looked for her friends who were busy in themselves, she agreed to go out with him she knew they will have their night as well.

After going out of the club he asked her if she wanted to roam around with him in a city? have fun? she was all in.

They crashed various places, danced had fun, drink it was all so good, all she knew his name was, Xavier.

They were flirting with each other, making out, things got a bit heated, that’s where they knew they both wanted each other so badly. He took her to his place they both had a great time, slept with each other.

Next morning, she woke up the cause of her enough sleep. It now came to her senses, she had sex with a hot stranger she smiled, and she got ready to leave, gave him one last glance that beautiful sleeping creature was a good sight to watch.

She left without telling him since she could barely remember the night, cause of her hangover. she reached home & slept.

After 4hrs, her head was still hurting but all her memories were blurred, she called her friends to catch up about last night they told her the story, she now remembered what she did.

“Will I ever see him again?” “will he remember me?” she had the best sex so far, she knew she wanted more. In the end, she just smiled and thought “I’ll never forget the night Xavier!.”

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