Is it complicated? or you are?

Have you ever been in some sorts of weird relationship where you are deeply connected with your thoughts?

Ever been at a place where it’s all blue & black? All day & night would pass and its nothing new for Zia.

Long distance relationship was it meant to be, with less communication she lost hope. She had these thoughts of missing him, denied her feelings for him and now all she did is miss him day & night.

They had minor fights she wanted to talk to him, thought of sending him messages but couldn’t hit the send button.

After typing a single MSG and erasing it maybe he is busy, he is working, should I bother him?

“I don’t wanna be annoying,” she thought about it all after checking his MSG and activity over social media is the only hope to see his updates.

Was the feeling the same? Was he really missing her and thinking about her? She had positive thoughts about it, but deep down it was confusing her!

She is stuck in this complicated mess of a relationship and wanted to mend things with him.


There are different types of relationship every individual has, a complicated love which can’t be confessed to each other.

Being in a situation where you have options but you don’t want that one. All this vicious cycle of loving, being in the friend zone creates complications.

Zia has her complicated life, she was frustrated now & then, finding a way that could lead her out of this stress.

She was frowning in the back of her head, and she was tired of it, can u blame her? Mess from every side of her life! Not one thing was balanced.

If she had a hope of something, it wouldn’t just turn out well. She needed comfort and security.

Talking to him would make her a bit relax but that wasn’t happening now. All she is now waiting for him. It’s the option left.

Maybe a balance love life is what she wanted now, or any balanced part of her life.


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