Can you keep a secret?

6 months had passed since her last loneliness moment! Every day is the same, makes her want to move on.

She had learned her ex was very happy and engaged with his new love. She knew she had to move on! Being a CEO, her life was a mess, she had no time for herself.

Skipping all this work she made her way to the bar, drank a couple of drink but her mood wasn’t changing.

She left and started walking to a park, she sat on the grass, mild breeze hitting her face, she looked up to the stars, thought what’s next?

There was a guy who watched her movements he was confused and curious, why would a girl sit like that & adore the stars? her smile gave his heart a feeling.

Curious he made way towards the girl and sat beside her, her smile was a reason he couldn’t stop staring her.

He tried to make conversation, to which she replied.



He was happy but deep down he just knew, he did not want to lose contact with her.

She knew she had to rant it out all these feelings, adrenaline kicking in, she opened up about those feelings she was holding for a quite long time.

The stresses, the mood was all the causes of it.

She didn’t think about any outcomes she would get after that, she wanted to let out all secrets.

The guy was shocked, but he understood what she was going through.

He didn’t judge her just accepted her maybe cause she was intriguing him.

After her ranting he just calmed her down, she felt something different, she felt calm after all this time, maybe she needed that.

She felt free from all the burden. she felt hope, then it clicked to her, what about the random stranger she’s been talking to!

He just smiled at her, and that’s when she knew the night was going to be long, they both kept talking all night under the stars, she felt happy.

In the morning, he dropped her off at her place.

The guy was happy that he ditched his plans and approached her, maybe he was starting to have that crushing feeling, somewhere in his heart he knew she was the right person!

The thought of getting her number to ask her out on a date later, he blushed.
It has been 4 weeks now, and she is happily dating the guy who she thought she will never approach.


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