Days without You

A perfect day would be with something or someone. Her day began & ended with him always by her side through thick & thin, he never left her.

She knew she could conquer the world with him & have nothing to fear, but she didn’t know how long it would last!

Her day would, begin with kisses & wishing her luck and in the night it would be more of a precise story she would tell him about her day!

Happily, she came home, wanting to share her news about her pitch but could not find him anywhere, she searched the whole apartment, called him, no answer she got in return.

Panic took over her, she got worried and that’s when she realized she was on the bed panting, thinking this was happening again!!

She had to get ready for the day, it wasn’t easy to be CEO of the company working her butt off she came this far wanting to achieve more.

The spark in her eyes was always focused on her goals but what she left behind, was her heart.

She still gets lonely and thinks about her decision she made long back, was it the right choice? she had all the achievements in different platforms, but still, she couldn’t achieve love which she longed for so long!

She had to choose between her career & love which was her toughest choice and was it right? she thought!

She got all the things financially but wasn’t satisfied as she felt she was incomplete. She knew her loneliness would eat her up, it was her biggest fear!

Who knew the youngest CEO who was so cold would cry to her bed at nights! every day when she comes home, wanting to talk about her day, her lips would part & close realizing it is only her at the place.
She still hopes she can get away from this feeling, she knew it had started to rile up again after her breakup.

She hoped she would get him back & never let him go no matter what risk she had to take!!

She wanted to escape this feeling & she knew one day it would be all normal again. She thought & smiled while seeing his recent update!

And there she felt she could now sleep peacefully.


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