Tomboy or Besties?

I don’t see the world as you guys see it. Making friends is something everyone looks forward too, like on girl thing it’s quite basic to have many friends but mine was a different case, I was much more into hanging out with guys! reasons;

No drama, ❌

No exaggerations ❌

No judgmental behavior ❌

just chill out personalities.😌

I always felt guys understood me more than girls, my girl-friends were limited till now! I always get tired of getting involved in drama and unwanted scenes and never got along with girls too much.

Friendship for me was something I always wanted to cherish. For me, believing in each other, no judging, completely being honest with each other also have their back.

Getting along with girls had only one obstacle we were never on the same wavelength, for them I was too extreme of what they were, for them it was just a big deal but for me, it was a general thing.

My inner self always had its own voice of telling me if that person could be my friend, that’s why I have limited, circle but I’m kinda proud because I know they wouldn’t leave my back however the situation was.

Sharing things, getting comfortable was also another step of getting along with one girl who I believe would get along with me.

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